Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Devon House for World Cup Media

Kingston, Jamaica - Yep, all the media people from across the world, they'll be based at Devon House. Why? The rationale is simple, in order to host the estimated 900 media personnel expected over the 50 days, di place has to be upgraded big time. Have you been to Devon House lately...a few crackheads call a remote part of it home, there are dirt buckets in various places where grass used to be and who do you know have toured that big house recently...even as it houses restaurants of international repute, the great icecream shop, starfish oils etc. So money has to be spent to get this historic site back to glory day standards.
Business opportunity: find out what these media guys are going to want and need and give it to them. And it's clear to me too that thre will be spill over opportunities for things like international calls, internet access etc.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Restaurant Fort Charles? Oh Yes!

Kingston, Jamaica - The wicked city is set for a makeover for Cricket World Cup, especially the historic Fort Charles, complete with canons and the much reputed Giddy House. They're going to turn Fort Charles into restaurant central. It's shaped like an ampitheatre, so seating will be in the middle with a diverse choice of mini restaurants lining the periphery. And it won't be only fish and bammy will being cooked there. Good going. Here they have plans for Down Town Kingston on di waterfront. Finally! Let's see who get the contract for what...from what we hear it won't be the same old and the always celebrated.

Teenage entrepreneurs score arm band contract

Kingston, Jamaica- Yep! You heard right. Three teenaged guys went to the JAMPRO office with a slightly half assed business plan. An insider helped them when they were initially rejected for being too young it seems. They got a help to develop a better business plan, met with the tourism minister and others and BAM! they're in. They have the Cricket World Cup arm band busines locked. Run dat! I tell people di other day, the face of the Jamaican entrepreneur has gotten younger, darker and more female.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Getting a Ticket for Cricket

...ahhh yeah, here's the rub. ALL people who want to be in the stands, getting tans and drinking ber and not in some live site venue with a big screen have to apply for tickets...hold your breath...online. And they don't play favourites. And then here's more...all persons applying for tickets have to give info on themselves...why...security reasons of course. We don't want to 9/11 in di Caribbean. We do want more tourists coming here right?
Express yourself. Leave a comment.

What do cricket fans drink?

Well it ain't light stuff. So hold the Miller Lite, Red Stripe Light and ting. And load up on di RedStripe, Heinekin, Appleton rum, Mount Gay rum, Carib beer and all a dat. They don't do light brew,unless of course it's water.

Of Marley and Cricket

Kingston, Jamaica - So they're inches away from settling on selling Bob Marley water at Cricket WorldCUp. Add to that, there will be a Bob Marley tour route running from his birth place at Nine Miles, including Tuff Gong Studios, Trench Town and of course the Bob Marley Museum. BUT did you know that Marley wrote the song One Love (arguably his most globally renowned song) some place in St Mary, so look out St Mary, that's part of the tour, so expect the flood of cricket tourists next year.

Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) to broadcast World Cup

The Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) has won the rights to broadcast the 2007 World Cup on television and radio around the Caribbean. This was annouced earlier this week.

Does di World Cup mean anything to you?

It's coming in a year's time. Nuff people going to be passing through to shout,cheer,scream,get drunk during the thrown balls, fallen wickets and runs of di World Cup. But do Jamaicans, Caribbean people really care? Express yourself. Leave a comment.

And what about that Mascot?

Do you like the Mascot created for di World Cup? Does it work for you?
Express yourself. Leave a comment.

Would you volunteer for di World Cup?

The Volunteer programme and Mascot introduction for di World Cup begins on March 11,would you volunteer? Express yourself. Leave a comment.

Can you really make money from di World Cup ?

The Bed and Breakfast Programme is coming. Who has the license to do certain tshirt lines? Will New Kingston be blocked off for entertainment? What can you sell or not? Where can you sell? Who will get contracts for transport, food catering etc? What about the street vendors where can they really set up to sell? With over 50,000 people coming to Jamaica over the 50 days March to Mid May 2007. Can you really make money from di World Cup?. Express yourself. Leave a comment

Di World Cup Coming

Kingston,Jamaica. You'd have to be living under under di rock or still upset over the last few matches not to have heard about the matches next year. And the business opportunities, there are so many. But Jamaicans and Caribbean people have to think outside di cricket pitch. Keep your eyes peeled to the Internet, go to the business opportunities seminars, do what you love or can do best or just do your homework and get ready to count di cash.